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Whether you are planning a corporate event, an upcoming wedding, birthday, fundraiser or any other type of celebratory event, you should know just how important good lighting is toward changing the mood of your invited guests. People respond emotionally to colors and lighting. Bright, festive lighting can make everyone feel happy and excited, while more muted lighting and less dramatic colors can lend your event a more formal and elegant look. Instead of painting the walls, you can improve and easily customize their appearance with the careful placement of colored lights.

We have the knowledge, skills and experience to transform a routine event into a dazzling and memorable display. When you use the right type of lighting in consultation with our expertly trained staff, you can boost the mood of your guests, motivating them to get out on the dance floor, make a donation or simply enjoy the event much more than if you had used dull, predictable lighting produced by a less experienced company.

We are proud to offer you a wide variety of lighting types, which are guaranteed to meet the needs of the special event you are planning.

Pin Spotting Centerpieces

Your guests will spend a lot of time sitting at the tables, so it’s important to accentuate them properly. We recommend that you use pin spotting centerpieces to accent the floral arrangements.

After placing our lights on dressed pipes and bases around the ballroom, we then focus them on your centerpieces to make them stand out. Calling attention to the flowers on each table will make your event seem all the more fancy and sophisticated. Pin spotting centerpieces is also a great alternative when fire laws prevent you from using lit candles at the tables.

Wireless LED Up-lighting

Up-lighting is an excellent way to make the walls of your venue appear more colorful and interesting. Typically we will place lights at the bottom of the wall and aim them upward to highlight architectural features, add a sense of depth or create a broad wash of color that you can adjust to match the theme of your event. You will find that up-lighting can add a great deal of warmth to a venue for your special occasion.

Up-lighting is a fast and easy way to dress up your event space. Use it to add splashes of color to neutral surfaces such as columns or unadorned walls.

We are proud to use LED (light-emitting diode) lights, the latest in technological innovations in event lighting to handle all your up-lighting needs. LEDs use less energy than conventional lights and are great for the environment.

Dance Floor Lighting (Moving Head and Scanner Lights

When it comes to lighting the dance floor, movement is key for keeping your guests happy and enthusiastic about the event. We offer moving head and scanner lights to illuminate your dance floor with colorful, changing patterns. These lights are programmable and we can customize them to create a number of complex and energetic patterns in keeping with the theme of your event.

Intelligent Lighting

Looking to add an elegant flair to your dance floor? Our intelligent lighting system will definitely motivate your guests to get themselves out on the dance floor and stay there all night. We place our sound activated, moving intelligent lights atop aluminum trusses and then locate them on either side of the DJ booth at the center of the action. Our team can decorate the trusses in keeping with the theme of your event. When the intelligent lights start up, they will help beckon your guests to start dancing and enjoy themselves.

Ceiling Washes

Does your venue have drab, unremarkable ceilings? Or perhaps the colors simply don’t fit well with the theme of your event.

No problem. Our team will be happy to set up ceiling washes to bring gorgeous colors to the proceedings. You can project peaceful clouds or beautiful colored patterns on the ceilings to entertain your guests. Coordinating ceiling washes with your decor will make the occasion all the more beautiful and refined.

Custom Monogram

Your organization can easily brand the event with a customized monogram. We will produce a customized shape, image, company logo or your name, using a gobo, which is a piece of glass or metal that only lets light shine through the clear parts.

Custom monograms look great when projected on the dance floor or on the walls, ceilings, sidewalks or even the sides of your building, and will serve to increase brand awareness among your guests. Our gobos can rotate or remain stationery, using a single color or multiple hues according to your desire.

We take pride in providing the highest standard of service. Our goal is to make your event a special occasion that you and your guests will be sure to remember. The personalized service we offer ensures that your event will stand out and get you noticed.

From the sound systems and lighting packages to our decor and staging expertise, we meet the precise requirements of our customers who need an individualized approach to solving their particular event needs.

For more information about how our DJ Lighting Packages can enhance the appearance and mood of your event and help you have a successful special occasion, please feel free to contact us today.

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